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 The End of the War And the Valdosta

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The End of the War And the Valdosta Empty
PostSubject: The End of the War And the Valdosta   The End of the War And the Valdosta Icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 2:55 pm

The 5th Fleet had come home in triumph. The Crimson were defeated and the casualties were minimal.

However, the Valdosta was MIA. The fleet did a three-day sweep looking for it, to no avail. The two ships sent to rendezvous with the Valdosta met empty space. On their way back to the fleet, their sensors picked up something - a jettisoned blackbox belonging to the missing ship.

Inside were logs and comms, most of them corrupted or damaged beyond recovery. What could be recovered was damning. Information about a radiation leak, logs about the death of Sullivan Gull, and three audio files - one of the crew discussing the ship being set to self-destruct, arguing. A second had Counselor Hazard saying, simply, "Do what you need to do". The last was only three seconds long, but it seemed to draw he curtain irrevocably: Admiral Crane screaming.

The GAF has kept the ship and crew's status as MIA for the time being, but have not issued any orders to return to Andromeda.
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The End of the War And the Valdosta
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