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 The Search for the Valdosta

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The Search for the Valdosta Empty
PostSubject: The Search for the Valdosta   The Search for the Valdosta Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 10:43 am

What’s Going On:

It has been a month since the Baxley became the Venture. During that time, the search for the Valdosta has begun in earnest. It’s been an uphill battle, though.

First, there were nukes to obtain. That was solved with the help of the Bakitu Resistance – a freedom fighter group that had broken off from a largely African colony in the Perseus Arm. They were willing to trade the nukes for ten days of drill instruction and general military strategic intelligence. Avery wasn’t exactly pleased to be aiding an anti-government, anti-military group, but reasoned that getting the WMD’s out of their hands and teaching them how to organize was better than having them nuke a colony. Plus, the group was small and well aware they had no idea what they were doing. It’d take a few years at least for them to be able to actually engage in an insurrection…and by then, hopefully, she could get someone out there to try diplomatic recourses.

Then, there were supplies to obtain. Since it was decidedly unwise to start spending credits belonging to their real identities, an alternative means of funding was called for. But they are the best of the best, so earning money under the table wasn’t terribly difficult, just time-consuming. This is the part where you’re welcome to write interludes of odd-jobbing on far-end colonies/stations. Three weeks are spent moving from place to place and all kinds of different things could be used to earn ‘cash’ – from Nova and Gull using cyberpathy and mechanical studliness to repair filtration systems on a colony to Jackson hiring himself out as a bodyguard or whatever.

So. A month has gone by. Supplies have been bought, weapons have been obtained, and there seems to be a dead end reached. Beyond knowing to travel to Crimson space, there’s not the slightest clue as to where the Sadie Hart and, with it, the Valdosta are. Even Avery, as much as she wants her ship back, realizes it’s pointless to go drifting around Andromeda aimlessly. It seems a dead end has been reached.

Until the Venture receives an interesting comm.. from Major Robert Harding…

(More to come in just a bit.)
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The Search for the Valdosta
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