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 January 2011 Game Info!

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PostSubject: January 2011 Game Info!   January 2011 Game Info! Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 12:25 pm

Things are gonna be a wee bit different this coming game. Here’s the basic breakdown of the changes; nothing too weird.

Set Up Nights – These will be in-character. While we’ll OOCly be putting in rad-panels and setting up the bridge, ICly we’ll be further disguising the Baxley as the Venture. These nights will have zero plot, but since we’re having a shorter game, it’ll let folks RP a bit more.

Costumes – It’s been mentioned that the crew will be dressing as civilians. While this is true, please bring your other, usual costumes/jackets. Please make sure your civvies are things you’re comfortable moving around in. Why? See below.

Locations – We will be traveling on Saturday. I won’t tell you guys where ‘til the day of, but I will say I Google mapped the directions and it is a 31 minute drive. It is also somewhere most, if not all of us, have been before. We will be walking around at this location. Nothing strenuous.

Food – I will be feeding you guys Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening. As always, if you want to bring snacks you are most welcome. In lieu of taking financial contributions, we’re going to have Friday night dinner out (there IS plot for this, trust me). We’ll be dining at Kobe Steakhouse, which is about three minutes from my house. Our reservation is for 9:30PM and they have a deal going on where two people can dine for $29.00 (so, $15 a person). Since there’s ten of us, we can pair off and do that. Kyle and I have done it and it’s a great deal. Details can be found here:

Any questions, just lemme know! I am sure there’s stuff I’ve forgotten, but we’ll get it all sorted.

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January 2011 Game Info!
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