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PostSubject: Camping Info!   Camping Info! Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 12:23 pm

Camping Info:

FIRST OFF – If you haven’t paid Lana for your spot, do it ASAP.

Cabins: We have three cabins – two six beds and a four bed. They are all next to each other.

Supplies: If anyone needs me to, I’ll get a supply list ready. Since most of us have done this before, I’m going to assume you guys know what you need to bring. If anyone needs help, let me know. PLEASE, folks, please bring money for firewood. We’re gonna lay in a supply at check-in Friday night. If we all gather around one campfire, like at Cabin 5, it’ll save money.

Food: Me, Droo and Kyle will be feeding everyone for one meal (lunch or dinner) on Saturday. We have a TON of burgers and we’ll bring them all, along with buns and condiments. We’ll also supply chips and soda. If we want to coordinate the other meals, let’s discuss it now. I plan on bringing the crock-pot and making soup like I usually do.

Plot: There will be plot. It won’t be huge or complicated, but it will be significant. I am not planning on crises or craziness, but I am also willing to kick things up a notch if we get bored or folks want something to do. We’ll play it by ear. And yes, there will be reason for James and Wren to come.

Weather: Right now, there’s just no way to know. The averages for those dates are a high of 70 and a low of 45. We could see it go fifteen degrees either way. I will be checking often and giving updates.

And, of course, questions are welcome

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Camping Info!
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