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 Timeline for December Game

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PostSubject: Timeline for December Game   Timeline for December Game Icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2009 2:44 pm

2 years ‘til game – Valdosta returns with Emerald; The GAF and GA begin talks with her and decide to grant the Viridians aid.

20 mos. – The plans for the Templar Fleet form; Crane (as part of a small committee) is enlisted to begin selection process for the other four ships, their crews and captains; Emerald spends time in Hart attending private conferences. The Valdosta visits the Viridians, officially offers them aid (which they accept) and makes plans to return to collect volunteers to inhabit the new fleet’s ships.

The visit is an experience very much like the first time they met Emerald – Emerald inhabits Hart and the other Viridians come in and out of the Valdosta to confer with the crew. No physical forms are ever actually seen. The Viridians are very much like Emerald in temperament and personality, though Emerald seems to be even more gentle and passionate about the human race than is standard with the other Viridians…which is likely why she was sent as an ambassador/scout.

18 mos. – The ships for the Templar Fleet are selected. Some will be taking their crew complement with them, others will not. The Valdosta is sent into dry-dock at Alhambra and begins modifications with Emerald en residence. The other ships are sent to various places – New Umbria, Sydney, Belfast and Mars – for their refitting.

15 mos. – The crews are selected for the Fleet. Those not enlisted with the GAF are required to come on board the program as contracted liaisons. Everyone is sent through Basic as a refresher. The crew of the Valdosta is asked to design a comprehensive briefing on the Viridians, Crimsons and Andromeda Gate.

One year prior – The Valdosta comes out of dry-dock and visits the Viridians, collecting four and returning to the Milky Way. The four Viridians are given names: Vert (pronounced as it is in French – ‘vair’), Pine, Jade and Olive. Vert and Pine are male-identified and Jade and Olive are female-identified. The names seem to please them very much.

8 mos. – Briefings and training begin on the mission. The crew of the Valdosta offers detailed reports on their experiences with the potential Crimson entity that they encountered. The fleet crews assemble regularly and the captains meet with heads of the GAF to begin compiling data for Operation: White Cavalry.

4 mos. – The ships are finished with their outfittings and upgrades and the Viridians move aboard: Vert on the Vyara, Pine on the Versailles, Jade on the Vancouver and Olive on the Venice.
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PostSubject: Re: Timeline for December Game   Timeline for December Game Icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 1:01 pm

Sadie's timeline for the two years, inaddition to the stuff above:

2 years – For the first six months Sadie is occupied doing double duty as host for Emerald and interfacing (as herself) with the GAF diplocorps on behalf of the Veridians.

20 months- She introduces her sister and brother in law to Parr, and Jeanie begins experimental treatments with him. Over the next two years she spends most of her free time (what little of it there is) helping her brother-in-law shuttle Jeanie back and forth for treatments and helping out where she can.

17 months- Sadie submits her recomendations for diplocorp officers to Crane and the rest of the selection commitee. Puts in requests for officer and medical training.

15 mos. – Sadie goes through basic training with everyone else, and begins officer training shortly after.

One year- Sadie spends a fair bit of time with the new Veridians, helping them to learn about humans and get comfortable with the new enviroment. Occasionally serves as host for the female-oriented ones when needed. Helps facilitate introductions between the Veridians and their new crews.

7 mos.- Sadie completes officer training and is promoted to her current rank (Sergeant).

8 mos. – Sadie is finally approved for emergency medical training, and begins a crash-course with Parr. Jeanie's one year asssment in Parr's treatment program goes smoothly, and small though significant improvements can be seen.
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Timeline for December Game
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