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PostSubject: Avery Crane   Avery Crane Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 3:17 pm

(I will PM you if your character can confirm any of these. It’s up to you to decide which ones you’ve heard or not heard.)

Rumors Regarding Captain Avery Crane

1. She had a planet named after her or something.

2. She used to be a torch singer for the USO before she enlisted.

3. She was married, but her husband left her for a General.

4. The General was a man.

5. She has never married, but received a proposal from Isely’s newest CEO, Tovar Demine.

6. She was disowned by her family when she enlisted. They still won’t speak to her.

7. Her parents were Ghosts, but she never inherited their powers.

8. Her parents were Ghosts; Avery is a Ghost as well, but the government keeps it a secret.

9. She is a war criminal and only escaped court martial because of her connections with Isely.

10. She is a war hero but refuses to entertain any notion of publicity.

11. During the Galactic Campaign, Avery…
a. …discovered the first alien life form, and was taken off the Valdosta as part of the government’s plan to suppress the discovery
b.…led the United States in assault strike numbers.
c.…could have won the Campaign for the USA had the Global Administration not been formed.
d.…actually just hid the Valdosta in the Orion Arm until the shooting was over.
e.…defected over to the Russians because of Tovar Demine.
f.…refused to fight because of Tovar Demine.
g.…lost the Valdosta because she refused to execute POWs.
h.…lost the Valdosta because she executed POWs against orders.
i.…lost an arm and a leg, both which were replaced by cybernetic implants that are Isely prototypes and unknown to the general public.
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Avery Crane
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