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 Hart Crane - 'Fear'

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PostSubject: Hart Crane - 'Fear'   Hart Crane - 'Fear' Icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 1:15 pm

(Here's the poem that was quoted in the last BoH game. I honestly didn't plan for it to be a part of anything, and I didn't even realize the irony of the poet's name until now.)

The host, he says that all is well
And the fire-wood glow is bright;
The food has a warm and tempting smell,—
But on the window licks the night.

Pile on the logs... Give me your hands,
Friends! No,— it is not fright...
But hold me... somewhere I heard demands...
And on the window licks the night.
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Hart Crane - 'Fear'
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