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 Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction

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PostSubject: Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction   Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction Icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 8:34 pm

Space Dragons

Research by:

Diet: Due the molecular reconstruction their systems, Space Dragons can eat all currently known substance except antimatter. They tend to appear to prefer organic materials. It is believed that this is due to the nature of them being able to processes organic materials easier.

Space Dragon most common diet is asteroids do to the easy supply. In the presence of comets Space Dragons will swarm as they provided both organic and non organic materials. Several large comments are known to host small families of Space Dragons.

Space Whales are believed to be a preferred food source to Space Dragons. Fighting between the two creatures is is often fierce and Space Dragons have been known to work together to take down large Space Whales.

Digestive System: The Space Dragon has the ability to perform molecular reconstruction. They break down the mater into the most basic form and then it takes parts of the atom and combines it with others in order to create the needed materials. The left over parts of the atoms enter lower gastrointestinal tract where they exit sometimes in brilliant displays of color as the different part recombine.

The Digestive System creates an acid that allows the Space Dragon break down its food. This acid builds up in the system and occasional they will vomit forward between feeds when it become to abundant or they feel threaten. Due to the large build up of energy caused by their digestion process, this acid will occasionally ignite the acid. Samples taken show that the acid contains a high concentration of element that when charged will release oxygen to produce this flame. Other base elements in the acid base on the Space Dragon’s recent diet often affect the color.

Social Structure: Despite best attempts, no form of communication has been confirmed between the Space Dragons however recording of change in magnetic and energy waves around them is believed to be the key.

Space Dragons are solitary creatures for the most part, coming together during mating or rare hunting opportunities like large Space Whales.

After mating the female take approximately 2 months to lay the eggs. Two or three eggs being laid is normal. An asteroid rich in minerals, and hollowed out by the male is the prefer nesting location. Once the eggs are laid the male then will protect the nest fiercely while the female searches for food to replenish herself.

The young hatch generally in 7-8 weeks. The will quickly begin to consume the egg and then asteroid. The shell of the eggs is extremely strong and is prized if they can be acquired.

The Space Dragon seems to learn to move through space after about 3 days. Prior to that they appear to have the ability to push themselves but little control of which way and are often retrieved by their parents.

The young take approximately 30 years to reach their full size. Till then they hunt and travel with their parents. The life span of a Space Dragon is estimate at over 300 years though scientists have been unable to confirm.
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PostSubject: Re: Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction   Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 2:50 pm

OOC- As of now, there is no evidence to support the existence of Space Whales, Space Dragos, or Space <noun>. The universe isa vast and empty place, where humans, crimsons, and viridians are the only forms of life. It is possible, however, that these creatures may have thrived in the deep past, when the universe was hot and young. . . .

-Butthole Setting Police

OOCEDIT- Hot and young and SEXY
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PostSubject: Re: Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction   Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction Icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 8:22 pm

you missed that this was part of a tabloid writer's crazy ramblings in the comm panel last game. :-p
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Space Dragons - Fact or Fiction
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