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 SpProps, Round 4

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PostSubject: SpProps, Round 4   SpProps, Round 4 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 07, 2009 9:39 pm

aaand Jake and I realized from watching Trek we could get something like this:

spray paint it silver (or leave it) and have insta-cargo-style walls.

Goals for round 4:
Pretty happy but need to get switches and resisters on the lights on the panels
Posters needed for poster cover-up

Crew quarters: I'd like to do something cooler with the back three rooms where the hazards, captain, and sadie sleep but I can't think of anything neat that we could do easily since those are regular rooms. I think I may have to just suck it up and deal Wink

Ship 2:
Waiting on Brit for that Smile
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PostSubject: Re: SpProps, Round 4   SpProps, Round 4 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2009 6:43 am

Second ship stuffs-

Some is pending on Josh finalizing his plot, but there are some generals I know that are wanted.


kitchen- not much, clean off the counters, get some derelict bits laying about.

Entryway- airlock maybe? if so it wont be 'operable' so a few panels should do it

Dining room- Bridge? I think i'll need to move some furniture around, either the dining room or the living room needs to be the bridge, but moving the table is easier than moving the couch. I can swtich out the tapestry for a 'viewscrean' type thing, and the buffet can be moved to help define the area.

Living room- crew lounge. take the leafe out of the dining table and move it in fron tof hte couch. Couch becomes 'banquet' seating. Tv becomes random entertainment stuff, back side of kitchen counter wall gets random panels.

porch- hydroponics bay. not much needed. wierd lighting, some tubing, and some plants. mostly dead plants, so branches and stuff will work though i might spring for a live tomato plant or something.


study- 'entertainment lounge/rec room' go for a 'someone took a spaceship room and turned it into a gentleman's study' look

Josh's room- 'captian's' quarters- minimal setup

My room- Crew quarters, some furniture moved aorund, name plates and things. deflated twins brought from other house.
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SpProps, Round 4
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