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The Global Administration is a new government, meaning that it still has trouble solidifying its presence on Terra and among the colonies, but it's very newness means that it still maintains the power that caused it to be created in the first place. They also have the only source of new starships in the world, making them the only major world power still capable of extended space operations.

Not willing to repeat the mistakes of the Galactic Campaign, which is to say letting member nations have enough power that they can attempt to renege on their deals, the GA has developed a structure that promotes a strong executive, with the power of the member nations resting wholly in their ability to choose the administrators and all decision making being left to the counsel.

The counsel itself, called the Administrative Panel, is made of representatives of five member nations, which is to say nations of Terra. Ideally, these five will be from a wide range of climates, economic statuses, and ethnic origins. There are four Vice Administrators and one Global Administrator. Each has an equal voice on the Panel, but the Global Administrator can cast another vote in the case of a tie due to abstention.

The Panel is voted on by the Global Assembly, a body of two representatives from every recognized nation on Earth. The Global Assembly has three major responsibilities:

1. To choose a new Panel every five years with no one member nation serving more than three terms in a row.

2. To recognize new member nations with a two thirds majority.

3. To serve as an advisory body to the Global Panel.

Each member nation has its own method for choosing its representatives to the Assembly, and range from pure democratic elections to appointments, but there is no GA term limit for Assembly members, and they can be changed only by the will of the member nation.

The Panel's major power to execute policy is exerted through the Board of Directors. This body is composed of the heads of the various departments of government, with each Director being in charge of a department. Due to the focus on colonization, the Director of Colonization and the Director of Children and Family Services hold plenty of sway with the Panel, though the Director of Culture has been making a lot of headway in promoting a whole-Terran society. While they have no official votes, struggle for influence among the Directors is an open secret and widely debated among pundits and commentators alike.

What do you guys think? Did I miss anything that I'm contradicting? Ways to improve or change this?
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The Global Administration
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