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If The Stars Are Your Destination, You’re Traveling With Isely.

You know about Isely. Everyone does. If it’s traveled out of Earth’s atmosphere, chances are it was designed and/or built by the Isely Corporation. They’re responsible for the last three centuries of space travel. Their contracts spread out over the World Space Alliance and the Global Armed Forces, not to mention hundreds of programs in the private and corporate sectors.

In 2195, a man named Jonas Isely shook the foundations of modern science. He had been a recluse billionaire until the age of fifty-six, when he revealed to the world that for over a hundred years he, his father and his grandfather had been the heads of a secret society of scientists from all over the globe who were dedicated to the notion of space exploration. They worked in hidden labs on private islands, fearing interference and blockage from governments and military. Jonas Isely’s revelation seemed almost comical at first – but then he showed the fruits of their labor: a small fleet of ships that could travel faster than light.

And they worked. They were designed well and, compared to the space ships being built by the US government, they were relatively inexpensive. They were built from polymers the Isely scientists had created themselves. Their propulsion systems were completely innovative and unique and there were plans for mass-production that were actually feasible. A century of work from the most brilliant minds on the planet.

The Isely Project became the Isely Corporation almost overnight, and made sure it had a stranglehold on the new technology. Isely Corp. was more than willing to manufacture the ships for both the government and the military, but it would not license its materials or systems tech.

The next two centuries were a flurry of chaos for much of Earth. Wars were fought, coups tried to take over the corporation, Isely himself was assassinated, but it did no good. Isely Corp. would remain Isely Corp. and continue to expand its horizons with an army of lawyers, businessmen and brokers. At last, things settled and people realized that the important thing was utilizing Isely’s technology, not owning it. Owning it was an impossible task anyway. By 2489, the core of the galaxy had been explored with new frontiers opening up every minute. All thanks to Isely Corporation.
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Isely Corporation
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