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 Dossiers and Crew List

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PostSubject: Dossiers and Crew List   Dossiers and Crew List Icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 2:20 pm

Just asn a FYI - no, the crew will not be receiving a roster prior to sailing. So, no one but the Captain knows who's coming on the expedition unless they were told personally by Cary Tyler. Everyone should know Crane is the Captain. Carter (since Droo is co-ST'ing) will have a roster, but doesn't know any of you guys personally.

To make it easier -

Jackson - Doesn't know a damn thing.
Nova - Ditto
Macree - Was told Lincoln would be 'looked into', but doesn't know if he actually was hired.
Lincoln - Knows Macree and Sullivan will be coming
Parr - Knows zilch.
Gull - Knows Lincoln and one of his old Marine buddies are coming.
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Dossiers and Crew List
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